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Dedicated Technician


We believe in creating great working relationships with our customers. That is why our technicians are dedicated to their own small group of customers. This gives them the opportunity to get to know you and your individual support requirements, leaving them best placed to provide quick and efficient support. You can also contact them via mobile phone to report issues or ask questions. We will of course always provide cover during holidays or sickness.


Guaranteed Remote & On-site Response Times


If problems occur, you need them resolving quickly. We understand the impact downtime can have. We guarantee that we will respond, on-site, to major issues within a maximum of 4 working hours, however our remote support team can usually resolve issues much quicker than this. We will respond to all other support calls within a maximum of 8 working hours either on-site or remotely depending on the nature of the request.

Unlimited Call Outs


We don't limit the amount of remote support or technician visit you receive.


Software Installations & Upgrades


As well as responding to technical faults, our support contract also includes the installation of an unlimited amount of software and the labour costs for installing hardware upgrades to any devices covered in the agreement.

Scheduled Technician Visits


We have a number of customers who prefer a technician to visit them for a weekly scheduled appointment, and we are happy to provide this. We will also still provide a 4 hour response for any major issues and 8 hour response for all others.


Pro-active Support & Backup Monitoring


Would it not be better if these problems didn't happen in the first place? We think so, that is why we use advanced monitoring software to keep an eye on your servers, networks and backups. We monitor these every day so we can fix problems before you even know about them.


Software and Security Patching


New viruses and other security vulnerabilities are appearing every day. It is important that your equipment is kept patched and up to date. We regularly install patches and updates to your systems to avoid any unnecessary security risks. Sometimes this requires systems to be restarted, where possible we will always do this remotely outside of school hours.

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