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Wi-Fi Networks


With the introduction of mobile devices a Wi-Fi network is essential for all schools and academies. We use the latest wireless technology from leading hardware manufactures to provide fast, secure and reliable managed Wi-Fi networks which are still affordable. Please click here for more information.


Wired Networks


We supply a wide range of network solutions from structured fibre and copper (CAT5/6/7) cabling to high capacity network switches and routers. We will always provide the best advice on getting the most out of your wired network.

Secure Education Internet Access


Teaching is becoming more and more reliant on your internet connection. Especially with mobile devices like Chromebooks and iPads which connect to the cloud. You need a fast and reliable connection.


We supply a range of internet connections and speeds depending on your requirements. We will handle the entire process of migrating you to your new service and provide support once you are up and running.


All of our internet connections come with education standard web filtering and security which is all handled in our datacentre so there is no need for additional equipment to be installed on-site.

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