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We understand that you need to get the most out of your lessons and that using IT can sometimes be more of a hindrance than helpful. We have been providing Windows based networks to schools and academies for over 15 years.

Our Windows based networks ensure that all of your computers are set up the same so your teachers and pupils always get the same experience no matter where they logon.  We can customise your Windows desktops to your requirements. This may include separate start menus for staff and pupils or shared desktops for different year groups. We then lock down the settings to make sure that both pupils and staff can't make any changes to the configurations. We also remove any unnecessary elements of the operating system in order to simplify the interface and make it easier for young children to use.


Staff will have their own user accounts and passwords with a secure private home folders. We also provide a secure shared folder for staff.


Pupils can have individual accounts with their own home folders or alternatively we can setup class or year group users with shared folders. 


Curriculum and Admin PCs share the same server but admin PCs are securely locked down so only members of the administration team can use them. Staff and admin laptops will always be securely encrypted to protect all sensitive data.

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