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With Bee-Bots and micro:bits, your pupils can go from beginner to confident user and beyond…

Bringing coding devices to your classroom

For a small charge, you can lease our micro:bits or Bee-Bots for a week and get the expertise of one of our Education Technology Consultants at the same time. 

Richard or Charlotte will come to your school to show you how to get the best from the devices, help to plan your coding lessons and give you some great ideas to get your pupils coding from an early age.

We can help you expand your Computing curriculum, bringing lessons to life with these fun devices. You can also expand students’ learning into other relevant curriculum areas.

Book your classroom coding workshop today!

If you would like to find out more about coding using micro:bits or Bee-Bots or how our Education Technology Consultants can help you, please contact us.

T: 0344 873 6100


What Park Grove Primary children said about their coding session

“I learnt how to make sound come out of a micro:bit for the first time! I enjoyed the lesson so much that I used at home.”

“Using the algorithm to help do our name tags was amazing! We had to debug and it was just pure joy! I even went onto the micro:bit website at home and it was cool being able to see what I could experiment with!”

“It was fun to play about with the code, sequencing and just having some fun debugging and testing our theories.”

“I loved it so much, I would like to do it again!”

Coding with Bee Bots – hire our resource pack

Bee Bots and Blue Bots are a fantastic way to engage children with the computing curriculum, particularly in Key Stage 1. 

For a small charge, you can hire one of our Bee Bot boxes for a week – your class will be coding before you know it!

This useful guide aims to help you get the best out of the resources or simply give you some ideas to use with programmable floor robots.

Contact us

To find out more about hiring our Bee Bots or micro:bits, please contact Richard or Charlotte, our Education Technology Consultants.