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Future proof your business and revolutionise the way you communicate.

What is Cloud Telephony?

Cloud telephony means Internet-based voice communication (VoIP) services where the telephony application is hosted by a third-party provider. Customers access it over the Internet.

We are proud to partner with NFON, specialists in business communications.

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What are the advantages of Cloud telephony?

Cloud telephony systems replace the need for conventional enterprise telephony hardware, such as private branch exchanges (PBX). They can be implemented and maintained more easily and at lower cost. They also offer the flexibility to scale the number of users up and down according to business needs, and to introduce new features.

Easy to use
The cloud solution is accessed via a web or application based portal that sits on top of an organisation’s existing IT infrastructure.

Continuous innovation
Cloud telephony features go above and beyond traditional PBX telephony – including video call functionality, screen sharing and more.

Access from anywhere
Users can access the services from virtually anywhere using a smartphone or laptop: whether they in the office, at home or on the move.

How much does it cost?

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