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Your complete managed connectivity and safeguarding solution – it’s robust, reliable, proactive and compliant.

What can we provide?

At Vital we are committed to providing reliable and fully supported internet connections that meet your school’s requirements. Our aim is to provide an internet connectivity you can rely on. Your teachers will have access to technologies which have a positive impact on student learning outcomes.

Our range of IT support services, cloud technologies, monitoring and software solutions have been developed to support your school’s infrastructure. They are designed to work in unison and remove the worry of managing and maintaining multiple solutions and in addition, have the reassurance of being underpinned by our industry-leading technical partner, Smoothwall. This enables teachers to focus on teaching, safe in the knowledge that their safeguarding is happening seamlessly in the background.

We provide:

  • The right internet connection for your school’s needs.
  • Fully managed on-site or cloud web filtering to protect your students and staff.
  • Filtering that allows your school to meet legislation.
  • Advanced reporting to provide full visibility of staff and student activity.
  • A solution that is compatible with all devices: Chromebooks; iPads; Windows; Macs.
  • Proactive safeguarding alerts to empower your dedicated safeguarding lead.


  • Advanced online and offline monitoring to detect risks before they become real-life  incidents.
  • Human moderated monitoring with a phone call to your school where there is threat to life.
  • Classroom Manager to empower your teachers to take control and improve learning outcomes.


The heart of your solution

Fully managed web filter

Vital work with you to safeguard staff and students in your care with education-focused web-filtering policies and proactive alerts.

You can be confident that staff and students will only be able to access appropriate online content in the classroom and any attempted access to inappropriate content will be flagged. Teaching staff can focus on education without the distraction of inaccessible lesson content or disciplining students who are off task.

Monitoring self-service

Vital provide a monitoring service which captures screen shots from all your school devices. Alerts are then delivered to the dedicated safeguarding lead to grade their importance and determine follow-up procedures.

  • Self-service portal
  • Heatmaps of alerts for prioritisation
  • Pre-graded alerts

Moderated monitoring

This solution offers all of the features of the monitoring explored above but with the added benefit of a call to your school where there is a threat to life.

  • Contextualised alerts to explain the screenshot
  • Profiling of changes in staff and student behaviour

Classroom Manager

Empowers teachers to keep students focused and on task. Learning becomes richer and learning outcomes are improved.

  • Full integration with Google classroom
  • Lock students screens who are off task
  • Close down browser windows
  • Push out URL for lesson content

How much does it cost?

Connectivity, filtering and monitoring are provided as bespoke solutions according to your  requirements.

Please contact us for details.

What do our clients say?

Vital’s focus is not just about developing an infrastructure to suit the needs of staff but the way that all aspects of IT can be enhanced to support the delivery of education.

Wendy Munro
Chief Operating Officer, Hope Learning Trust

Find out more

If you’d like to find out more about our internet connectivity, please give us a call or drop us a line – we’re always happy to help.

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