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Engage your pupils with the latest interactive technology.

In partnership with Elementary Technology

Working with our specialist partner, Elementary Technology, we supply schools with a full range of interactive touchscreens, projectors, visualisers and more. As a Vital customer, you can take advantage of Elementary Technology’s partnerships with big brands such as Promethean, SMART, Epson and others. You will receive the expert advice, excellent service and specialist training and support that schools need.

Interactive touchscreens

Interactive touchscreens transform pupil engagement and amplify the benefits that chromebooks and tablet devices bring to the classroom. Compared to a projector with an interactive whiteboard, an interactive touchscreen is brighter, clearer, avoids disruptive calibration and costly projector lamp changes.

Multi-touch interactive touchscreens use anti-glare, toughened glass so they are perfect for any lighting conditions, ensuring pupils can see content no matter where they are seated.

Educational software is an integral part of a touchscreen. In addition to providing independent advice on licence obligations and compliance, we also provide full, pedagogical training for all teaching staff which is inclusive as part of our first-class service.

This solution provides the teacher with a range of powerful tools which help to reduce their workload, streamline assessment and add variety and excitement to teaching and learning.

Classroom visualisers

Classroom visualisers are a simple, lower cost yet highly effective teaching tool for all key stages. A visualiser shows text, images, work and objects in large scale via your classroom display. You can use it to share ideas, text, images, best practice and more – no more holding up and passing around, just inclusion for all!

  • View objects close up using an optical zoom. How else can these be presented live to an entire classroom?
  • Record movie demonstrations, capture methodologies and play back on display, retaining for future use.
  • Use features such as annotation to label key areas of an object, or show spelling, punctuation and grammar.
  • Use the ‘split-screen’ feature to show before and after, correct and incorrect or to highlight differences.

In partnership with Elementary Technology, we can supply a full range of visualisers to schools. From entry level USB options to high specification models with optical zoom, microscope attachments and more.

Additional AV

We can also provide the following for your school:

  • School hall audio-visual technology such as projectors, audio systems, lighting and video walls.
  • School signage screens to showcase good work, messages, news and more throughout your school.
  • The GDPR-compliant InVentry sign-in system – improve safeguarding in several areas, compliance through data encryption and efficiency with integration with your MIS.

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