IT Hardware

A full range of IT hardware for your school


Chromebooks are the fastest selling device in the education market. We provide an end to end solution, integrating Chromebooks and G Suite for Education into your IT environment, working with you every step of the way.


iPads are a fantastic teaching resource especially for more creative lessons, The number of educational apps is growing every day. We provide a fully managed iPad solution so that you can concentrate on teaching. Please click here for more information.

Network Servers

Your whole network relies on your server so we only provide hardware that is specifically designed for the task. Our servers have built in fail safes to keep you up and running and we only install the latest Windows Server operating systems to provide the best security.

PCs, Laptops and Tablets


We provide a full range of Windows based devices from small and micro form factor desktop PCs to the latest touch screen tablets and everything in between. All of which is business class hardware designed to be used all day, every day. All of our mobile devices come with the technology necessary to make encryption quick and simple to ensure your data is always safe. 

AV, Networking and Facilities Management


We offer a wide range of Audio VisualNetworking and Facilities Management equipment including:


 - Interactive Touch Screens

 - Projectors        

 - Interactive Whiteboards

 - Visualisers

 - Digital Signage

 - Audio Systems

 - Wired Networks

 - Wi-Fi Networks

 - Managed Printing Solutions

 - Visitor Management Solutions

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