Charlotte Platts

Charlotte Platts

Education Technology Consultant

Charlotte Platts has 8 years experience as a primary teacher as well as leading the subject of Computing within her school. Charlotte is a Google Level 2 Certified Educator and has developed her understanding of how to use technology to support teaching and learning across all subjects.


“I’m Charlotte Platts, one of the Education Consultants here at Vital. I joined the team in November 2022 and enjoy being a teacher for part of the week, yet also enjoy being able to support other schools, staff and children in developing their use of technology for teaching and learning too.

Since starting my teaching career, my use of technology within the classroom has changed drastically: I remember seeing chromebooks for the first time and immediately (and excitedly!) discussing the potential of these new devices with my headteacher. Since then, we have successfully rolled out chromebooks and the use of the entire Google Workspace for Education suite across our school. Year on year, we have steadily increased the number of devices available to our students to enhance the way we deliver our curriculum and promote computing confidence within our pupils.

I have developed my knowledge and understanding of how to use these devices to enhance teaching and learning through my own classroom experience and also by supporting other staff and students. In my role as a Computing Champion for Ebor Academy Trust, I worked with teachers and computing subject leaders across the trust, supporting schools with the implementation of chromebooks and Google Workspace for Education, and helping boost staff confidence in how to use these tools within the classroom.”

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